Project 006: My Mother

I knew I wanted to try embroidering this photo of my mother. I believe it was her passport photo, taken before she came to America when she was 22 and pregnant with me. It's one of my favorites. Since it's a black and white photo, I wanted to try stitching it in different colors. Purple, her favorite. 


Because I'm still new at this, I always start out pretty nervous. What if it looks nothing like her? What if I get bored half way through? And after a couple hours, the nerves didn't subside. I went over the eyes and mouth area so many times, overlaying different colors on top of others, trying to get it just right. 

But once I got through that, I was in a groove. The more I stitched, the more it looked like the vision I had in my head. 

And here's the finished piece! I love the blue highlights in her hair. And the random blue threads down the shadowed side of her face. I do wish I got a little more playful with the colors, but I can try that in my next project.