Project 007: Cuddle Puddle

I've been very reluctant to take commissions because I'm still so new to this craft. But a friend of mine asked if I would consider embroidering her sleeping fiancé with their two kitties, and it just seemed like a project I couldn't turn down! So I took my favorite reference photo and sketched it out.


When I started, I really had no idea how I was going to approach it. Whether it would be more realistic or cartoony or minimal. I dove into the eyes of the cat and let it work itself out. 

Since it's only been two months, every project feels like entirely new territory. I get to try different things. Even overlapping the stitches in different ways feels like I'm learning a new process. 

I ended up spending 3.5 weeks on this piece because I was only able to complete little bits at a time. But I'm really proud of the way it turned out! When I look at it, it feels like a complete art project. Not just something I did to experiment. I can really see myself improving.


I'm still a little wary of taking on commissions. Primarily because each piece is taking me anywhere from 7-14 hours, and I don't feel comfortable charging an adequate price for my actual time, but I also don't want to devalue the craft. But with some more practice and improved work, I figure it'll be no time before I'm the embroidery artist to the (very wealthy) stars! 😂

In the meantime, my (history nerd) husband asked me to embroider him a portrait of Winston Churchill, so that's next up. Stay tuned!