Project 008: Winston Churchill

My husband is an obsessive history nerd. He will hear one fact on Jeopardy and suddenly launch into a 27 book project. Right now, that project is WWII. And at a library sale, he ended up with the humongous 6 volume set of Winston Churchill's 6 volume series. So I wasn't surprised when he asked if I would tackle the Prime Minister as an embroidery project.


I absolutely love this goldenrod fabric that I found at my local quilt shop. I felt like the grayscale threads would really pop. 

I got to the point where I was done with his face and I was so happy with it. The faces are always the best parts. Then I get to parts like the hat, which aren't quite as sexy, and I have to force myself to pick up the hoop and work on it. Sometimes I'm really excited to get home from work and pick up a needle. Other days (probably MOST days), I just want to sit on the couch and watch bad tv, and the idea of feeling motivated enough for a side project seems like a distant memory. 

When I'm done, I'm always happy that I took the time to work on something away from a computer or television or digital device. And my husband loved it so much that he hung it (okay, he asked me to hang it) in a prominent spot of our home! So I'd consider that a success!